Summer Love

I took the summer off for clarity and discovery. I’m back and renewed.  A month off from work was enough for me now I’m ready to get back into routine and along with blogging.


I can’t wait to share with you guys my summer and the rest of it.


Love, Meia N. 


Spring Again Outfit #1

Hey y’all, we all have a couple of clothing pieces that we love and keep year after year. Mine is this jumpsuit that once belonged to my husband’s grandma. Not only is it sentimental, but it’s such a rad jumpsuit with retro prints on it; definitely vintage, and versatile! This jumpsuit won’t be going anywhere — matter of fact, I can see myself rocking this jumpsuit even in my 70s and until I can’t anymore. Love, M.N. 

Day to Night Outfit: Front Corset Top

After keeping up with New York Fashion Week, I’ve been spring hunting for a corset belt, but I came across this front corset top at Zara. I am in love with the top because of how effortless it looks worn with a coat over it and how relaxed it looks worn by itself. This top and the fishnet tights worn underneath distressed jeans have been my favorite go-to for a day to night look. Also, remember a light jacket to throw on for those cold mornings and chilly nights in spring. 

Love, M.N. 





Comfort Dressing 


It’s one of them days. A struggle between wanting to be comfortable but still want to look a little dressed up. In this comfort wear I put on my favorite glittery choker and a shimmery hoody to achieve the chic & comfort look. When it comes to being comfortable I tend to reach out for clothes that are relaxed and oversized. Especially for those days where I’m going to be eating a lot. Loose fit clothes helps to hide my food baby. What do you reach for in your closet for comfort dressing? 

Love, Meia N. 


Soul Ready For Spring: Florals, mules, and Black Leather Jacket


Florals on florals on florals! I am definitely ready and excited for spring and the beautiful weather! Especially because I copped these denim jeans with floral patches on sale from Zara! I wore these last month wine tasting for my birthday as well as Valentines Day. After what felt like a whole week of rain, I finally took advantage of the nice weather and brought these babes out.  

I know it wasn’t quite spring weather yet, but I was dying to put these pants and mules on. To play down the colors of the floral patches and yellow mules, I decided to add a little edge to these jeans by pairing it with a dark green velvet top and my all-time favorite Tommy Hilfiger black leather jacket. Since I had so much dark colors on top, I decided to wear an orange lip stain to add a pop of color above. Balance is what I wanted to portray in this outfit. 

These pants are celebratory to spring, and it will be something that I am going to rock the crap out of until summer! Just like many out there that find joy, love, and excitement in throwing on outfits together, I am bringing out my own personal style. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this first blog of mine. Also, I hope you will continue soul trending with me! Love, Meia N.